Monday, June 11, 2007

It's just the pits...

Avocados, aka alligator pears according to Florida vernacular (perhaps because the skin resembles that of an alligator), are tasty when used to make guacamole. Yes, it looks unpleasant, but go ahead… try some on a salty tortilla chip…delightful and so good for you. A splendid by-product of guacamole is the pit or seed of the avocado. Take care not to damage it as you remove the edible portion for the guacamole. Follow the instructions. I have done this with a number of pits and am never disappointed…a relatively inexpensive plant follows. During the summer months, I place some outdoors. Occasionally, a hungry bug will nibble on the leaves, but mostly the plants thrive. I once saw one in the office at a school that grew so huge, it had to be replanted in an aluminum garbage can!

A little Scottish moss grows below this one.

Double trunks

This plant is several years old and is flourishing.


Tracy said...

You avocado plant is wonderful! I've tried growing a plant from an avocado pit before, tried twice last year, and not much came of it, sadly--must be the Norwegian climate I live in--LOL! Love guacamole though so I'm be making that lots!

Heidi said...

Ohhh, I adore guacamole! I think I could live on it if I had to. :) Freshly made tortilla chips, Guac and a big Dr. Pepper. Heaven!

Thanks for visiting my blog--the smocked flag dress was purchased (off eBay!), but it was hand-smocked by somebody, just not me! LOL I love bishop collars for the little ones because peter pan collars seem to flip up in their faces. I think it's the no-neck thing. LOL

My mom learned to smock when I was tiny and she kept everything she made. Smocking is too much work to get rid of!

CFB said...

Wow! I will have to try that. Thanks for visiting my blog.