Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mad Men Captivation

Mad Men has my attention. I am spellbound with the visual journey back to my youth. Parents smoking while attending their children's recitals. Cocktail lunches and well-stocked bars situated on a credenza in every office. Scarlet red lips, acicular and tapered brassieres...yes, I remember all these things very well.
Dresses like Sally is wearing, with Peter Pan collars and crinoline petticoats underneath, were the outfits worn everyday to school. Footwear included black velveteen oxfords.
Janie Bryant deserves much recognition for the success of Mad Men, for sure.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Swan House

Swan House is located on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.
Not only are the grounds a pleasure to wander, the interiors and architectural style reflect the essence of high d├ęcor in the 1920’s, which was largely influenced by that initiated in Europe.
Often chosen as the background for many photo shoots, Swan House provides a depiction of the well heeled life of this era. A tour of the interiors is suggested.

Located on the east facade, this niche features an urn which conceals
the window of a water closet.

Essential scalloped awnings, green in color, deflect the hot Atlanta sun.

Numerous urns in the gardens are filled with an overflow of sponge stone, also known as "Pompeian pumice" which resembles igneous rock formations.

Beautiful Baroque-styled gardens

A view from the gardens of a screened porch which was filled
with wonderful period wicker pieces.

A wrought iron garden bench

Scrolled iron brackets anchor this lantern.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lily pads, espaliered magnolia and hot peppers!

Just a skip away from the High Museum in Atlanta is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Visit again when the garden expansions will be completed in 2010.
Click on photos for a better view.

Whimsical spewing fountain

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

Lily pads, also seen at the High Museum in an impressionistic form.

An espaliered magnolia... so unique.

Stargazer lilies...gorgeous to look at.

Mosiac lily pads

a field of pure white petunias


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Atlanta Excursion

Best to see while in Atlanta:
Georgia Aquarium
The Pacific Sea Nettles are awesomely displayed and a vision to watch.
Titanic Aquatic exhibition is very well done.
A tour of CNN studios was short but sweet. No visit to Lou Dobb's office, but one is able to actually see taping on the floor of the studio.

Glimmering copper-roofed cupola

Next: Atlanta Botanical Gardens, followed by The Swan House