Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Forgetting Mr. Bilhuber

Goodness, I forgot to post on the lecture presented by Mr. Jeffrey Bilhuber. Shameful.

Mr. Bilhuber made an impressive appearance several weeks ago in Jacksonville, Florida. Using a slide show which featured mostly snapshots of his personal properties dashed with a number of inspirational quotes, JB described his approach and highlighted a number of his projects. With no formal training in design principles, he acknowledges “one client” for giving him the opportunity he required to embark on his work. This initial project combined with the fact that he paid all of his bills along the way, has permitted him to attain a soaring level of accomplishment and world-wide exposure.

It was very much apparent that his young son is the source of much joy for Mr. Bilhuber these days. He mentioned a number of tales of parenting and even shared with attendees a photo of the darling youngster.

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