Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Carolyne Roehm's yard sale

This weekend, Ms. Roehm is hosting a yard sale at her home in Sharon, CT. I so wish I lived close by as I would so be there! She needs to "clean house" so to speak, I guess. If anyone is lucky and fortunate enough to attend, may I be a mouse in your pocket and let me in on your purchases, please?


tut-tut said...

I wonder who will be there??

Anonymous said...

I can be the mouse in your pocket.

I'm planning to be at Carolyne's tag sale tomorrow a.m. -- can't wait.

teaorwine said...

Ohhh...so envious here! Do share all about it, please.

The Pocket Mouse said...

It was a perfectly sunny summer day when I attended Carolyne Roehm's tag sale at Weatherstone on Saturday, June 30th.
As you entered the grounds, there were tables outside with items from her photo shoots, primarily china, glassware, silverplated goods, and pottery, at very nice prices. In the barn, there were a few personal items such as books, furniture, and picture frames. In another area called the boutique,
Carolyne had for sale many of her magnificent ribbons and wrapping papers, along with package toppers, some of which I readily recognized from packagings featured in her latest book "Presentations". In the boutique there were also some Christmas and fall seasonal items. In Carolyne's studio, out on display for sale were exquisite linens, Scottish throws, Limoges china, and other entertainment items from her website -- all at a 25% discount.
My greatest find was a pair of Herend salt and pepper shakers in the Queen Victoria pattern for only $10!! I have Herend china in this pattern -- so this was a perfect match. And, my greatest moment was to have the opportunity to talk to Carolyne and her mother, who were busily tending to the tag sale and stocking the tables with merchandise. Carolyne and her mother were most amiable and gracious. Carolyne told me that she's got three more books in the works and the next one will be published later in 2007 ... can't wait to see it!!
Needless to say, I had a marvelous time in a glorious setting surrounded by beautiful things and a charming hostess.

teaorwine said...

for the pocket mouse:

Many thanks for sharing of your experience this past weekend. I could actually envision the scene there in CT amidst those stunning objects. I suppose her home and surrounding gardens were also a treat to see as it was a beautiful day on Saturday in the Northeast. And the announcement of three more books in production… magnificent news! Glad for you to have had such an enjoyable day.


Litt said...

Thanks for the commentary, the pocket mouse. It sounds like it was a great experience and now I'm jealous that I don't live anywhere nearby.

Little Red said...

Thanks for the commentary, the pocket mouse. It sounds like it was a great sale unlike the one here in DC.