Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrate Mother Earth

Seven ways I conserve and recycle while here on earth:

1. Recycle clothes hangers to the dry cleaners, because once is never enough.

2. Dine with cloth napkins and and clean with cloth dish towels. Ther are no paper products in the kitchen at my home. Yes, they need to be laundered, but I just toss them in with existing loads.

3. Install dimmer switches everywhere feasible. Reduced wattage= conserved energy. Unfortunately, CFL bulbs may not be used with dimmer technology.

4. Recycle take-out containers. Wash them and reuse for leftover storage, lunch containers, road trips, gardening, etc. Recent reports indicate that heating plastics may release harmful chemicals. Do not use with hot foods or in the microwave.

5. Exterior light fixtures in the back turn on according to built-in motion sensors. Lights remain off unless disturbed= saved energy. I also have a switch in my bedroom to flip quickly to activate four spotlights, if I hear something outside. All other times, lights remain off.

6. My sprinkler system includes a rain sensor which detects accumulated moisture and dampness in the air. Why water the lawn if it is raining or just about to?

7. My computer is set to sleep when not in use. Pages remain open and pop back up when awoken.

Happy Earth Day!


Farrell & Lauren said...

Do you remember where you saw those napkins? Were they for sale on the website? So pretty.

margaret said...

Great Earth Day post. I think some of my dinner guests are getting tired of carrying the same multi-times-recycled container back and forth from my house, but hey, so what? Nobody complains about cloth napkins, at least.
If I didn't thank you yet, thanks now for putting me in your blogroll.