Monday, August 27, 2007

Hungarian Point, Encroaching Upright Gobelin and Old Florentine

For years, I have been stitching these gorgeous samplers; each one unique as the color of the yarns are varied. Inspiration for my work is the book, Book of Needlepoint by Elaine Slater. Originally published in 1973, this book presents easy to understand text, drawings and photos that assist. I have seen it offered on ebay recently.
I finish the projects as either pillows or framed pictures for the wall.
No painted canvas is necessary. Blank canvas which is blocked off with a pencil, needle,scissors, a selection of five colors for the persian yarns and another choice for the background is all that is needed.
Makes a fabulous and well-appreciated gift for special friends and family members.


Fairfax said...

I used to love doing Bargello. Some of their flame stitch patterns were gorgeous.

Far From Perfect said...

my very first project was a sampler..diferent stitches we used one color.Made into a pillow. Still my favorite pillow today.

teaorwine said...

fairfax and far from perfect... the textures in these pillows are luscious!