Wednesday, August 22, 2007

all decked out

Lately, photos of and commentary on my diminutive, yet functional deck have appeared on the teaorwine blog. Paradise Found: Gardening in Unlikely Places, by Rebecca Cole supplies insight for those designing this sort of outdoor space. My deck would be sophomoric in contrast to those outdoor spaces created by Ms. Cole. Even so, I enjoy strolling through the pages of this book from time to time.

Fabulous, full-color photos shot by Helen Norman of garden and architectural ornaments, roof-top terraces, outdoor furnishings, watering cans, container plantings, pots made of clay, concrete, galvanized metal filled with lush perennials, shrubs and vines, pergolas, porches, lighting, decks, fences, birdbaths, stone walls, steps and stairways are evidence of Ms. Cole’s ventures, more often than not in Manhattan.

Beneficial lists offer valuable information to practicing gardeners. These include preparing containers, a formula for arranging the most pleasing number of plants placed in groups, pointers for designing plantings in containers, laying a stone walkway, how to ready plants and containers for frosty temperatures (She suggests using bubble wrap around the containers as an insulator!).

I am partial to the way RC juxtaposes aged flea market finds (aka antiques, in some circles) and plant life to create harmonious surroundings. A glass of iced tea or wine, and a heap of reading material and I may well be comfortable and content at any of her locations!

It would be worth checking this book out while the temperatures remain warm outside.

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