Monday, April 23, 2007

Arnold and the Earth

Sunday was Earth Day. Here in my home, we are trying to be better earthlings. Treat Mother Earth with more respect.

Recently while driving in my auto, I listened to a speech given by Arnold being broadcast on Cspan . Yes, it is time to take Arnold seriously; he is the governor of California. The Governator was speaking to students at Georgetown University. The subject: global warming and the passage of legislation in his state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Arnold compares bodybuilding and environmental awareness. Endless amounts of exercise, muscle development, and fitness to excess were winced at in the 70's . Only Arnold found this to be fascinating. No one wanted to be pumped up; it was way too embarrassing. Now there are fitness centers in every community across the nation, treadmills and stairsteppers in homes, walkers and joggers in parks and neighborhoods. Fitness at some level regardless of age, sex or body form has become part of the American life. It is just plain good for you. The same has turned out to be true of the environmental movement. In the 70's, no one wanted to be known as a "tree hugger". Organic foods, compost piles, solar panels, recycling, water conservation, pollution were snickered at. Cars that ran on Global warming...what was that? Remember Kermit the Frog when he sang it wasn't easy being green? Environmental concern was just not really that crucial. A view of the past. Today, being green is in. Everyone is mindful these days. I even read of a group of wealthy women in Manhattan doing their part to save the earth.

This past week, the media released many lists of ways to reduce energy consumption and stop global warming. Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. Use less paper products. Buy locally produced products, etc. Here are three quirky solutions that I practice regularly as to be a better earthling:

My home backs up to woodlands with a neighborhood walking path passing through. It is particularly bothering if there is any trash or garbage in the woods and it is in view from
my windows. Out I go to remove the trash immediately... rain, snow, sleet. Perhaps it is a Gestalt thing, but my whole psyche is off if I have to view garbage outside.

When staying in hotels, I routinely wrap the little soaps in the shower and at the sink, which
have only slightly been used, in a piece of plastic or a bag and take these home to "finish" them off. Housekeeping will throw them out if I leave them behind. This is conservation.

Lastly, I coast. When approaching from afar a yellow or red light while driving, I take my foot off the pedal and coast to the light. Why drain the tank only to brake excessively at the last minute? Occasionally, I reach the light in time for it to turn green and off I go. This is probably annoying to those traveling behind me. What's the hurry? aren't going anywhere anyway. I am saving fuel.

Bizarre as these habits may sound, every little bit helps, in my opinion.

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