Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jacksonville Arts & Antiques Show '13

This year's show featured a number of style-makers. 

Miles Redd presented via Skype as he was unable to travel due to poor weather. Humorously, MR did a wonderful job narrating the slide show. That is quite a bathroom you have there! 

Bunny Williams appeared solo as her husband, John Roselli fell ill and had to remain in NYC. 

A tidbit taken away from her words: pieces lacking patina or are less than appealing should not be trashed or avoided. Paint them white, better yet flat white. BW favors a Farrow&Ball white; Europeans just do paint better.  

Bunny discussed her travels, homes and details of her wonderful life and marriage to John. Lovely and fortunate person, she is.

Danielle is a party stylist living in Atlanta with her children in a gorgeous Trammell-Stutze home, Boxwood which took her four years to renovate.  DR has entertained celebrities like Oscar de la Renta and promotes her book, Soiree: Entertaining with Style. Although DR leads a seemingly glorious and glamourous life, she has dealt with more hardship than anyone could imagine, for sure, with a child seriously injured in an accident and a failed marriage.  My best to her as she remains tenacious and devoted to her children. 

Lastly, I attended a lecture on the history of European Period Furniture, more specifically those in Britain and seen in the manse (Highclere Castle) where Downton Abbey is filmed. Juli Catlin and E. William Nash paired up for this very informative talk.  I learned a new word: stackage.  This refers to the layers of paintings and other accumulated art which stacks to the ceiling in old British homes and palaces. 

Always a holiday joy to have the chance to listen to the featured speakers at this annual event in Jacksonville. 


Content in a Cottage said...

Sharon...I'm glad to hear you had such a good time attending this annual event and sitting in on the lectures.
xo, Rosemary

teaorwine said...


Thumbs up!