Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mrs Queen takes the Train

A refreshing fictional tale of Queen Elizabeth, Mrs Queen takes the Train is worth a read as I have just completed it myself.  Somewhat bored, slightly unhappy, disappointed and suffering from a bit of melancholy, Mrs Queen escapes the royal scene on a whim. Donning a hoodie bearing a cross and skull bones and a Hermes scarf, off she goes causing an alarming kerfluffle as those in service to her are baffled as to her whereabouts.

And the adventure begins for Mrs Queen and many other vivid characters. Pleased with the interaction she encounters with those she meets along the way, she returns with a renewed spirit and awareness of worth and understanding of others.

I wonder if the Queen herself was pleased with the writing of this book?

Loved the book cover also in its cartouche format.

Worth a read, for sure.


William said...

Dear Tea or Wine,

Thank you for posting about my book. You certainly captured its essence and both Mrs Queen and I are pleased to find ourselves on your elegant website.

Mrs Queen will take a cup of tea (weak) and I will take a glass of wine.

Bill Kuhn

teaorwine said...

Mr Kuhn ,

What a delightful surprise to have you drop in! Welcome and I am happy to serve you and Mrs Queen with "virtual beverages" of your preference. Cheers and please stop by again for another visit.