Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Land Remembered

I have just completed the reading of this pure and simple story of a family of pioneer settlers, the MacIveys, in Florida. Full of plenty of guts and gumption, the family sets out to the undomesticated land in Florida and meets up with countless obstacles along the way. Astonishing characters and subliminal undertones of fine values, A Land Remembered, is effortless to read and makes known the history of the settlement of Florida, post-Civil War.

While playing golf once at the Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, I noted a restaurant there which was named for the book.

Worth a read, especially if one spends any time at all in the state of Florida.


designchic said...

Was looking for a new book to read and this one sounds great...can't wait to get it!!

Kathy said...

Ahh...a fellow blogger/GOLFER! I'll have to add this book to my list of wants. Have you seen the movie Cross Creek? (story of Marjorie K. Rawlings)...k

teaorwine said...

DC... it was a journey back in time to a simpler life. You will enjoy.

Kathy... Welcome! I have not seen the movie,though several years back I drove over to Micanopy to explore Ms. Rawlings' stomping grounds. Was wonderful!