Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is the butler's pantry a place to store trousers?

There is much talk suggesting that PBS has shortened and edited the footage of Downton Abbey, for fear Americans would lose interest and/or lack the background knowledge to fully understand the British vernacular, circumstances unique to the era, etc. I must confess, I did find it necessary to google "entailment" at the closing of the first episode for supplementary clarity of this legal verbiage. So, Laura Linney appears in a prologue to set the picture for those on the other side of the pond, prior to viewing. Apparently, should one watch the series in DVD form, rather than the PBS version, one will see it in its entirety, unrevised.

A most humorous composition authored by the creator of the series, Julian Jolley-Goodfellowes can be read here. Do scroll down to his remarks which will not only cause you to chuckle, but disclose many of his premises for the tale.

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