Thursday, March 18, 2010


Later this spring, my son will be marrying a delightful young lady from Bermuda. Addressing and mailing the invitations within the United States will be one of my contributions to the fete; I am happy to assist. The bride has requested a sealing wax finish to the inner envelope and a beauty it is. Very romantic, methinks. This nice touch reminds me of the series, The Tudors, which I adore! The Post Office has been quite cooperative and allows me to hand-stamp the postage so the envelopes will not catch up in the machine cancelling process. Thank you. Will you guess which stamps I am attaching for the mailing?


Content in a Cottage said...

Are you using the King and Queen of Hearts stamp? That would be perfect. Love the seal. Have you found a dress yet? So exciting. Best, Rosemary

teaorwine said...

Yes! Rosemary, you are correct! I am using both the King and Queen of Hearts. I needed additioinal postage for the heavy invites, so I chose the gold wedding bands as well. I have a dress (watermelon pink!)ordered which should be in very soon. I will share a picture of it on the blog.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

congratulations to your son and your family! Love using these seals and the stamps are lovely!