Wednesday, August 13, 2008

white blooms

Front stoop pots are flourishing:
Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Blackie Sweet Potatoe vine, trailing petunias,
Super Cascade White Petunias and Snow Crystal Alyssum.

Monday, August 11, 2008

clever and innovative...

As seen during the Olympic coverage, United Airlines has released their most recent commercials which are very artsy, clever and innovative.

an artful rendition...

My home as painted by fifi flowers. Many thanks!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hang in there...

Photo credit: The Conran Shop

Recently, I received my SELETTI UNDERWEAR DRYER from the Conran Shop as first suggested at Pigtown-Design. Constructed from real wood and in Italy, this clever hanger possesses delicate European- style craftsmanship different from that mass produced in China or elsewhere . This assistant to your laundry chores includes a travel/storage bag and two extra clothespins, similar to replacement buttons for a shirt. The hanger expands and contracts to accommodate different suspension locations. Because of the central placement of the single hook/hanger, suspension can be awkward. I found the best place to hang it was over the shower curtain pole, which could leave puddles on the floor if the dangling "foundations" are quite wet after washing and rinsing.

Upon checking Conran's e-commerce site today, it seems delivery dates are now projected for 10-12 weeks out.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

embarrassing tunes

I have been tagged to disclose five songs which I listen to which are embarrassing. How about four, instead?
1. My Ding-a-ling Chuck Berry

Just drives me back to those raucous, late night dance and music fĂȘtes in the frat house, circa 1972.

2. Barry Manilow hits

I read recently where Barry Manilow’s concerts are attended solely by women of a certain age (more specifically, 50 and 60ish) and a small number of men that have consented to be dragged along. Barry wrote the songs that made the whole world sing, Mandy.

3. Oh Babe, What Would you Say? Hurricane Smith

Once again, back to the Seventies in a quirky, longing manner.

4. Amy Winehouse songs

By no means am I one to encourage, sensationalize or laud abuse of illegal substances and skanky lyrics, but I do pause to listen to the melodies of this waifish, beehive-crowned, eye-lined, train wreck of a gal. I suppose the retro 60’s influence must be the explanation for the appeal.
Amazing how music activates the past.

Now, to tag others. This is similar to ringing doorbells to peddle raffle tickets for the high school football team. Anyone care to step up to the plate?