Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hang in there...

Photo credit: The Conran Shop

Recently, I received my SELETTI UNDERWEAR DRYER from the Conran Shop as first suggested at Pigtown-Design. Constructed from real wood and in Italy, this clever hanger possesses delicate European- style craftsmanship different from that mass produced in China or elsewhere . This assistant to your laundry chores includes a travel/storage bag and two extra clothespins, similar to replacement buttons for a shirt. The hanger expands and contracts to accommodate different suspension locations. Because of the central placement of the single hook/hanger, suspension can be awkward. I found the best place to hang it was over the shower curtain pole, which could leave puddles on the floor if the dangling "foundations" are quite wet after washing and rinsing.

Upon checking Conran's e-commerce site today, it seems delivery dates are now projected for 10-12 weeks out.


Content in a Cottage said...

Everything old is new again! I recently posted about an OCD event at my own clothes line. You will definitly enjoy another blogger's post about this time-honored chore that doesn't seem like work at all. Here is her link:

I'll take slightly sweetened tea with mint. ♥Rosemary

a. said...

Thanks for posting this - I must have missed it on Meg's blog. I definitely could use one of these :-)

Pigtown-Design said...

Tea... so glad you got it without the 12-week wait!

Love the header, it's hilarious. Are those all wine corks?

teaorwine said...

rosemary...thanks for the link, I will take a gander.

p-d... you guessed correctly; all wine corks!