Saturday, December 6, 2008

Renny Reynolds speaks...

The Jacksonville Art &Antiques Show features a number of lectures in concurrence with fund raising efforts this past week. I attended a lecture given by Renny Reynolds, previously an event planner in New York; he now devotes his efforts exclusively to landscaping garden spaces. A skillful orator who employs humor and his knowledge as a trained landscaper while speaking, Mr. Reynolds presented commentary accompanied by a delightful slide show of pictures from a previous commission in Litchfield County, Connecticut as well as his farm in Pennsylvania. Hortulus Farm, owned by RR and his partner is situated in Bucks County and a constant work in progress for them. Partial to creatures and indigenous wildlife including water fowl, RR describes a comical tale about two exotic black swans that truly “flew the coop”. According to RR, when he and his partner pass to eternity, the Hortulus Farm will become public gardens and take on non-profit status. Read more at the Hortulus Farm blog.
An interesting note: RR uses mushroom mulch as a soil addition when planting large trees and shrubbery.

It was well worth my journey into the city to listen to Mr. Reynolds and I hope to visit the farm myself some day, for sure. Tomorrow, I will attend a lecture by P.Allen Smith.

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Content in a Cottage said...

Sounds as if you are having fun in the sun and I will awake to a light snow on Sunday morning. Enjoy the antiques and gardening lectures.