Wednesday, February 13, 2008

spinning wheel, got to go round....

I do not cook as much anymore as I used to. However, I love to make soups. Soup made from butternut squash and another one made from tomato and fresh basil are my favorites. In a large stock pot, these vegetables cook down with low-fat chicken stock to make a tasty soup. In the past, I have dragged out the blender to puree to a smooth texture. Messy. My most recent purchase is a Kitchen-aid immersion blender, red in color for Valentine's Day! With little effort and in less time, I have wonderfully creamy soups. Cleanup is minimal. Into recycled takeout and deli containers, I portion out the concoction and freeze. Wonderful and sooo much better than canned soup! I have plans to order the whisk attachment as well very soon.

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