Thursday, December 6, 2007

Carolyne's Christmas

CR has updated her site with holiday bedazzlements. The "golden girls"entry was a warming appreciation of female family members.
I am admiring the small ice bucket, a minute version of one found at Tiffany's. I would easily pass on the Weatherstone cipher, nonetheless.
Ms. Roehm suggests seasonal togs for dogs, to include a green acorn dog scarf and an alpine dog coat.
The photography found on her site is alluring. The woman has elegant and polished taste.


Scarlet of Tara Plantation said...

I am a retired Wall Streeter and began following Carolyne when she was married to super successful money manager_____. I have all of her books, have visited her CT estate and it takes money honey and a team of 13 in CT and 4 in Colorado. Stay tuned because she is the best.

Cloggsy said...

Those wrapped gifts look gorgeous!

teaorwine said...

Yes, Cloggsy,you are so right. Exquisite with such attention to detail.

Fairfax said...

I bought pecans to try Mittie's Pecans.

Farrell & Lauren said...

I LOVE all the blue and white.